Bagno Vignoni, Monticchiello, Foce and back

Tuscany in love: the cipress curves of the Siena Province are sinuous and encourage dynamic paths, where you can lose yourself in the postcard landscape

Come with us in the most popular places, we will take you to the perfect spot for a picture postcard, an unforgettable selfie or a portrait in total relaxation. The path winds between Monticchiello and the FOCE, with its famous Italian gardens. The return road passes through the Quercione delle Checche, a monumental tree symbol of our valley, still an exclusive place for the reportage of your holiday!

Our streets, our cypresses, our countryside are the favorite places to shoot the most famous commercials. Now you too can say you are famous!

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Cantina CAPITONI, Monticchiello, Wine Tasting Orcia DOC


Restaurant IL BRONZINO Monticchiello
MULINO VALDORCIA Spedaletto, Restaurant and Visit
Hotel POSTA MARCUCCI Bagno Vignoni, Thermal Pools
Hotel LE TERME Bagno Vignoni, Restaurant and Spa


Coctkail bar IL BARRINO Bagno Vignoni 

Along the way we recommend:
Restaurant DOPOLAVORO LA FOCE, La Foce

If not indicated, the restaurants are open every day without a reservation. If you have a preference, we can make an appointment for you, payment will be made on site.

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