Val d'Orcia in E-BIKE
for everyone!

wheat and water

Itinerary 28 km
height difference 490 mt
low difficulty

wine & cheese

Route 43 km
height difference 900 mt
medium difficulty

churches and places of worship

Route 26 km
height difference 570 mt
low difficulty

tuscan postcards

Route 42 km
850 m altitude difference
difficult difficulty

cypress curves

Route 40 km
822 mt height difference
medium difficulty

famous movies

Route 43 km
height difference 1000 meters
difficult difficulty

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A new eco-friendly frontier to discover and experience the Val d’Orcia in total empathy and respect! The Teatro Povero Cooperative of Monticchiello follows this path that many have taken, but with a project of high social value, in an exceptional location: Bagno Vignoni!

BIKE-COOP, our Ciclofficina, like the Cooperative, is a meeting and exchange place, a welcome point for the most interested tourist, a starting point for the most demanding agonist and arrival point to relive together the emotions that only the saddle can give …

Slow Tourism is what we want to encourage, the one that respects the places it touches, because visiting our land should establish the bases to see it again, and see it again just like today!

The POOR THEATER CICLOFFICINA offer Electric Bicycles with assisted pedaling studied in the smallest details, from the preparation to our specialized personnel, to the saddle with direct assistance.

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