Party with us – celebrate an unforgettable bachelorette party!

The bachelor party, as well as the bachelorette party, is a fundamental step for the success of an event that will then culminate with an unforgettable party! Everything must start well in advance, planning every detail so that the organization and above all the surprise are impeccable!

do you know what everyone could like?

A day outdoors, totally immersed in the most beautiful Tuscan countryside, is what satisfies every taste and expectation!

An electric bike tour is a unique experience for everyone, because physical fatigue is averted by a powerful and reliable motor of your bicycle. In addition, our staff will be able to guide you in the best itineraries based on everyone’s preparation.

You can choose to travel in total autonomy, selecting one of our exclusive itineraries at the start, or leave with one of our local expert guides in the area, who will be able to take you to the most authentic places and tell you every anecdote!

here are the right ingredients:

  • contact best friends! We can manage small but also large groups, with more than one guide
  • choose a period suitable for everyone, perhaps even booking an overnight stay ASK US
  • contact us to request availability and prices for your group. SEE HERE
  • and now add all the extra services that will make a difference! Like a toast in the open air, a surprise lunch, a photo gallery in the Theater in Monticchiello, an entrance to the Spa … tell us your idea and we will organize an unforgettable day! LOOK HERE 😉