Park of the Mills in Bagno Vignoni

visit history, leave with us!

The Park of the Mills in Bagno Vignoni is a unique place to combine art and well-being.

At the entrance to the spa village, the The Park of the Mills is an archaeological area that winds between artifacts in the open, and closed environments, which can be visited with a guide.

In collaboration with the Municipality of San Quirico and part of the NARRA TERRA project, the Parco dei Mulini is an evocative setting where you can retrace the history of the Val d’Orcia and its traditions: here in Bagno Vignoni those of hot water and grain.


The first two water mills, called Mulino di Sopra and Mulino Buca, are entirely underground, or underground; the other two, the Mulino di Mezzo and the Mulino da Piedi, are partly above ground – the rooms of the millstones – and partly underground – the rooms of the wheels. The entrances and interiors of the mills, carved into the rock, have been restored and made safe to allow for an easy visit. The milling technique, common to all southern Europe, is that of the horizontal wheel mill: a relatively simple technology, with the driving wheels connected directly to the millstones by means of a vertical shaft and driven by a high pressure water jet, generated by an accumulation tank placed on a higher level.

every Wednesday at 6.00 pm and Saturday at 10.00 am

duration 1 hour

8€ per person

4€ children 4-12 years