Bagno Vignoni, natural reserve of Lucciola Bella, San Filippo and return

This is a simple tour, which will allow you to touch
the major spas of the Val d’Orcia on your bike.

You will be able to enjoy a unique landscape and regenerate yourself in the warm waters of San Filippo, a very small village with places to eat. The splendid “White Whale” will be the backdrop for your postcard photos.

Along the way you will find attractions such as the Quercione delle Checche, a centuries-old tree of rare beauty. And you will skirt the Riserva di Lucciola Bella: a pleasant setting that takes us back in time.

Our valley enjoys the influence of Monte Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano for millions of years. We owe to its presence and activity some of the most famous thermal hot springs in southern Tuscany. The water that filters from the ground reaches quite deep, is heated in contact with the hot rock or magma, and then comes out from the cracks and crevices of the earth’s crust.

Bring a swimsuit and towel with you and immerse yourself in these warm waters suitable for all seasons. Or regenerate yourself in the Bagno Vignoni Spa on your return.

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