In close contact with nature

e-bike in Val d'Orcia, choose a green holiday

Electric bike tours, open and uncontaminated spaces, unique destinations off the major tourist routes. These are just some of the ingredients that we invite you to try, by booking our e-bikes in Val d’Orcia.
Our shop is located in Bagno Vignoni, a splendid spa town right in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, which since 2004 has obtained recognition as a World Heritage Site, for the unique landscape and the relationship that man has been able to weave in centuries.

Starting from this exclusive location, a few kilometers away you can reach unique destinations that are in the imagination of all visitors who love the beautiful country, and want to experience and take home a image of Tuscany. The famous cypresses of San Quirico, the Church of Vitaleta, Pienza and its terrace on Monte Amiata, the medieval village of Monticchiello with its famous curves and much more. You will find this in the exclusive itineraries that our experts have built and uploaded to our platform, so that you can travel comfortably online.

Electric bike tours are the first way to enjoy an excursion in the countryside in total harmony with the environment. Respect for nature is guaranteed by the low environmental impact, as well as the rhythm that only 2 wheels can offer you. Slow Tourism to directly enjoy the scents and sounds of unspoiled nature, and a perfect way to personalize every moment. By following our itineraries you do not risk getting lost, but at the same time you can decide to stop in exclusive places that will frame your indelible memories of Tuscany.

Our region is dotted with small villages and isolated points of interest, far from mass tourism. In this unique period affected by the Covid-19 emergency, electric bike tours are a perfect way to continue traveling in total safety. We will help you choose covid-free itineraries and you will be the one to personalize your experience.