Sport and relaxation in Val d’Orcia

the thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni after an e-bike tour: a perfect combination!

The hot springs of Bagno Vignoni have been a well-known destination since ancient times, thanks to the warm waters rich in sulphates and carbonates, beneficial for the skin, the bone-joint structure and the entire body.

By renting one of our e-bikes departing from Bagno Vignoni, you can easily face a day of sport and movement. You can choose one of our exclusive itineraries suited to your physical preparation, and touch the places of your interest. And on your return you can relax your mind and body with an entrance to a fully equipped spa.

With our help, you can visit the Val d’Orcia independently or with the assistance of a guide, and book an afternoon entrance to the hot springs of Bagno Vignoni .

The center of Bagno Vignoni develops around an extraordinary rectangular basin for the collection of thermal waters, dating back to the 16th century. Everything comes from the rains that penetrate the layers of the earth to reach a depth of about a thousand meters. Here, heating up, they dissolve sulfur compounds and minerals and then begin to rise to the surface at a temperature of about 50 degrees.

It is possible to enjoy this unique spectacle walking along the streets of the small village and visit the natural pools that are being created. Just as there are numerous spas and wellness centers where every guest can regenerate and indulge in a holiday of pampering and relaxation.

Famous historical figures went to the spa of the small village: Santa Caterina da Siena, Pope Pius II (born in nearby Corsignano, on which he founded Pienza, one of the most admirable examples of Renaissance urbanism) and Lorenzo the Magnificent. In 1982, the Russian director Andrei Tarkovskij set various scenes in the film Nostalghia, which was awarded the following year at the Cannes Film Festival. Attracted by the scenographic impact of the place, other important film productions have taken place over the years.

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