The ideal period for an e-bike tour.

Spring in Val d’Orcia is the ideal time to choose if you want to visit a part of Tuscany with perfect weather and outside the busiest periods. Temperatures gradually get hotter but without the high peaks of summer; the days get longer with more and more hours of sunshine, which offer unique lights among the rolling hills; the tourist flow is limited and it is easy to find parking or to experience environments and experiences in an exclusive way.

Whether you are a sportsman or a simple lover of open spaces, you will be surrounded by unspoiled nature, with large spaces where the gaze is lost.

choose an e-bike tour!

An e-bike tour is certainly the perfect way that combines direct contact with postcard landscapes, a personalization of the experience to be done alone or with our guides, a great ease of pedaling with the right physical effort. In fact, our e-bikes are equipped with a high-performance motor, which adapts and personalises. We have also studied multiple itineraries, all different, to cover the entire area, with different distances and difficulties.

The staff of our shop in Bagno Vignoni, also available by phone and email, is always ready to give direct advice, book complete packages and provide assistance on the spot. Better still, our ACCOMPANYERS will be able to organize and guide truly unique trips, with explanations and insights.

Spring in Val d’Orcia is truly an unforgettable moment, which will make you come back again and again, we are sure. The scents and colors of this season are the memory you will take home the most. And tackling it on two wheels in full autonomy is the funniest adventure of the entire holiday!